The Benghazi Attacks Essay

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The Benghazi Attacks
Raphael Henderson
September 26, 2013
Anthony Interlandi
The Benghazi attack
Any attack is horrific in itself but to have such an attack deliver a blow of terror and fear is unforgivable. A terrorist attack is defined as an act that is a crime that is designed to promote fear and to achieve a specific or political agenda demonstrated on civilian actors. Most acts of terror is delivered by criminals that have a particular agenda and is concentrated in more than likely impoverished or low income communities where the locals can be easily influenced by money or that can become sympathizers for a particular cause. When individuals are growing up in an oppressive or impoverished setting they will do anything to change their situation and that is when terror groups interject themselves and their ideologies into the community with the hope of gaining membership to a terroristic way of life.
The Benghazi attack 2013 A car bomb exploded at the Libyan foreign Ministry building in the eastern section of Benghazi on September 11, 2013. The day of the week was Wednesday and it appeared to be a routine day of the week. We now know that it was anything but a routine weekday. This was in fact a reminder of the deadly attack on the United States consulate; the horrific attacks of 2001; in the United States and another display of the lack of respect for the law in North Africa (Mohamed, & Michaels, 2013). The vehicle for the attack was a car filled with explosives aimed at sending a clear message to the world that terrorism is alive and well. A stern warning was given to many of the local militia by Prime Minister Ali Zidan admonishing them for their part is much of the local violence. Much of this violence was in retaliation for the overthrow of then Dictator Moammar Gadhafi. The infighting had been going on for at least two years prior to the car bombing; the liberators had vowed to never bow down to its oppressors. The oppressors may have been challenging that very statement with growing violence within the country. The capital of Tripoli had a post office building taken over and several hostages taken as a result of terrorist action earlier in the week. This attack was in response to a rival tribe from Sabha cutting off the water supply to Tripoli for a week forcing hospitals and private homes to rely on well water and water that could be shipped from neighboring cities. Oil fields have also been shut down in recent weeks in protest to corruption and demands for regional autonomy. Millions of dollars per day were lost in revenue because of these oil field shut downs (Mohamed, & Michaels, 2013.
No deaths a message The Benghazi blast caused no casualties as reported by the Huff Post. The bombing took place at 6:00 A.M. when there was no one was due to be working and at a time when the streets were mostly empty. The attack left the left side of the building badly damaged; coincidentally this building was formally housed by the United States consulate in 1969. The blast also damaged the Benghazi branch of the Libyan Central Bank. Several pedestrians were wounded from the blast as they traveled on Gambel Abdel-Nasser Boulevard a major throughway running north to south through Benghazi. This attack took place September 11, 2013 at the old United States consulate this is a clear indication that this act was symbolic and a message (Mohamed, & Michaels, 2013).
The Benghazi attack 2012 Nightfall September 11, 2012; 150 bearded men dressed in the Afghan style tunics popular with Islamic militant began to set up a perimeter around the streets leading to the United States consulate in Benghazi. Pick-up trucks mounted with heavy machine guns where used to set up road blocks to impede any traffic from entering or leaving the surrounding location. Logos on the trucks used in setting the road blocks were adorned with Ansar al-Shariah writing identifying a powerful Islamic…